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The Top 7 Practices The Pros Use To Clean Your Roof

Having a dirty roof can sometimes be quite the eyesore. Other times, a dirty roof could be a sign of damage and could possibly signal the serious need for maintenance and repairs. Although, if you have minor stains or growth on your roof, there are plenty of cleaning methods you can take to treat your roof. Follow these tips to give your roof the cleaning it deserves!

Use Chemical-Free, Low-Pressure Cleaning Methods 

This is a rule to be mindful of if you have shingle roofing. Shingles are much more sensitive than other roofing materials, therefore, you will want to steer clear from chemicals as much as possible and it is recommended to not use high pressure. You can use a low-pressure rinse to clean stains off your roof. This method of roof cleaning produced instant results and will protect your roof from damage. 

Chlorine Bleach for Tough Stains 

For roofing materials that can withstand chemicals, it is best to opt for chlorine. Chlorine works best if your roof has stubborn stains that you have had trouble removing in the past. Homeowners can use chlorine on metal and tile roofing. When using chlorine, spray your roof with the formula, allow it to dry, and do this one more time. This ensures that stains, including moss and lichens, will gradually fade and die. 

High-Pressure Power Cleaning for Metal and Tile Roofs

Metal and tile roofs can also withstand high-pressure power washing, in addition to chlorine and other chemicals for cleaning purposes. This method of roof cleaning blasts stains away, so with that being said, high-pressure washing should not be used on shingle roofing ever. High-pressure power washing is best when it comes to cleaning tough stains. It is also best when used with chlorine for cleaning. 

Clean when Surfaces are Dry and Safe 

If you have recently experienced severe or inclement weather, you will want to wait on cleaning your roof. To maximum safety, it is recommended to clean your roof when weather conditions have been dry. Sleet and snow can require a few days to completely dry from your roof. Even if there has been some rain, you want to give your roof some time to make sure it is dry and safe to go up on for cleaning. 

Cover Vegetation to Protect from Chemicals

Your yard, if you have any shrubbery or trees, can carry the burden of cleaning chemicals if you don’t keep them safe and protected. Before using any cleaning chemicals for your roof, wet your plants or yard and place a plastic covering or wrap while you clean your roof. After you have finished applying chemicals to your roof, you can take the plastic off and rinse plants again. Never ignore your landscape and surrounding areas when using cleaning chemicals on the exterior of your home. 

Plan for a Calm, Cloudy Day

Because chemicals such as chlorine can evaporate quickly, opt for a day where there is a bit of an overcast. Of course, you will also want to clean your roof on a day or week when there is no wind or breeze to interfere with your tasks. Cleaning your roof on a sunny day will cause your roof to absorb the chlorine too quickly, mitigating the cleaning effects. For best results, aim for a cloudier day. 

Consider Looking into Algae-Proof Shingles 

You can temporarily get rid of algae growth, but the roots can stay stuck in your roofing materials for years on end. If algae is a problem your roofs deal with, it may be time to consider looking into algae-proof shingles. These roofing materials can cost approximately ten to 20 percent more than non-treated roofing materials but can save you plenty of time and money in the long run by not having to clean them. 

Call a Professional for Moss and Mold Removal 

Depending on the severity of a moss infestation, you may need to consult a local moss removal business to be able to clean your roof as needed. Moss removal services typically include special de-mossing spray, low-pressure spraying to loosen the moss, and manually removing the infestation. If your roof has been suffering from a moss infestation, call a professional right away. 

Keep Your Roof in Perfect Conditions with Help from a Professional 

There are several ways you can keep up with the maintenance and condition of your roof. Of course, in addition to cleaning, one of the best things to do is call a roofing professional to determine whether your roof needs any other kind of maintenance. Contact us today to learn more about how you can care for your roof.